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Master of Science

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Maj Steve Swartz


Organizational restructuring sometimes occurs in the aircraft maintenance field, yet seldom are in-depth analyses performed after the fact to see if productivity improved. In December 1995, the 552D Air Control Wing restructured its flight line maintenance into an aircraft generation squadron concept. This study looked at before and after maintenance indicators to see if productivity improved. Maintenance data was collected from December 1993 to December 1997. Nineteen maintenance indicators were identified, and the key indicators were analyzed using means comparison and regression analysis to determine if efficiency and effectiveness had increased. The variables Mission Capable rate and Man-hours per Flying Hour were regressed to determine the prime determinants of these variables. The results indicated that the aircraft generation squadron concept did not result in a more efficient or more effective flight line maintenance organization. Efficiency and effectiveness appear to have decreased under the aircraft generation squadron concept. The research did not determine if the old maintenance structure could have performed better than the aircraft generation squadron structure. The conclusion drawn was that the maintenance structure should be modified to increase productivity.

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