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Master of Science

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William A. Cunningham III, PhD


Despite the high Operational and Support costs incurred, the Brazilian Air Force's (BAF) declining budget has led to the establishment of conservative policies that favor short run solutions for a critical BAF airlift problem of operating an aging fleet. As a result of this policy, service life extensions of older airlift aircraft are the preferred solution. Using an equal airlift capacity approach to examine the Brazilian Air Force mobility system, this research performs a cost comparison analysis between two aircraft currently in operation at Brazilian's airlift command: C-130 Hercules and C-95 Bandeirante. To accomplish the cost analysis, this research develops an Operation and Support aircraft cost model adapted to the Brazilian's airlift system requirements. Assuming the same level of annual flying hours for the next 20 years, the research cost analysis concludes that the proposed alternative of acquiring C-130 aircraft to replace the older C-95 could result in savings of at least 25 percent, without reducing the BAF mobility capacity.

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