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Master of Science

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Maj Stephen Swartz


The Argentine Air Force (AAF) has undertaken the task of reviewing its logistics doctrine with the aim of supporting its mission on the basis of better-designed resource structures. The adequate sizing of logistics support is essential to obtain the desired military capability, while optimizing resource use. A decision support tool tailored to the AAF environment is needed to size that logistics support. This research developed a mathematical logistics model to evaluate the mean number of aircraft that can be restored in a given time interval between consecutive sorties, for a given maintenance resources mix and base physical geometry. This maintenance resources evaluation technique (MRET) uses an analytical methodology to estimate the expected parameters of the unscheduled down time distribution. These parameters are then used in a Monte Carlo simulation of the user-defined network of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance tasks necessary to launch aircraft sorties. The MRET, although not externally validated, performed successfully during the verification process conducted in this research. Programmed on a spreadsheet, the MRET combines a high response speed with a moderately detailed description Qf the operations and logistics scenario. These characteristics make the model suitable for the AAF environment.

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