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Master of Science

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Freda Stohrer, PhD


Previous studies concerning quality improvement and the Action Workout Process attempted to define and describe the difficult concept of quality. A logical next step is to study to what extent implementation of a quality improvement program, such as ACC's Action Workout Process, positively or negatively affects performance factors within an Air Force organization. This study focused on exploring the fundamental question of whether there was, as a result of the Action Workout, a noticeable, statistically verifiable, positive or negative change in the mission capability of aircraft assigned to the units carrying out this quality improvement initiative. Research questions were developed and data analysis conducted to determine if the effects of the Action Workout could be quantified and measured and if the Action Workout was an effective means of improving. aircraft performance. While the results of this study did not unequivocably endorse the Action Workout Process, the results do indicate performance at several bases was enhanced after implementation of this quality improvement process. Using these results as a baseline, future researchers can now take the next step - a fuller understanding and quantification of the effects of quality improvement processes, such as the Action Workout, on organizational performance.

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