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Master of Science

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Richard A. L'Heureux, PhD

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Paul Thurston, PhD


This study compared the elements of existing contracting certification programs to an ideal contracting certification model developed by experts. The expert panel responded to an open-ended electronic interview to convey their ideas regarding the individual elements for the model. Input received from the initial interviews was used to develop a survey for the panel members. The surveys were completed and results were recorded and conveyed back to the panel members. This process was repeated until a majority was reached on each individual element of the model, resulting in the ideal certification model. The final model contained elements of both the APDP and NCMA certification programs. There were no unique characteristics identified by the panel. Following model development, stakeholder assessment surveys were utilized to gain insight from the contracting field assessing how the ideal model was perceived when compared with the existing certification programs. Stakeholder assessment of the model varied according to each individual element in the model. The impact of this study was aimed at ensuring that certified contracting professionals possess requirements commensurate with their certification level. Potential program deficiencies were identified and recommendations were made to both NCMA and senior government contracting personnel for potential program improvements.

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Co-authored thesis. Author Vita pages and acknowledgment pages are omitted.