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Master of Science

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Richard L'Heureux, PhD

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David Petrillo, PhD


The purpose of this research was to explore the phenomenon of public-public outsourcing partnerships as it may be employed by the DoD from a Federal Government perspective. Current outsourcing methods, guidance, and models are discussed as well as outsourcing related theories. Based upon the literature reviewed, a conceptual public-public outsourcing decision model is presented. A case study of the Brooks AFB initiative is then used to analyze the conceptual model. As a result of our analysis, an analytical public-public outsourcing decision model is developed. The analytical model also depicts the overall process path along which a decision-maker will travel. The end result is that decision-makers are now armed with an innovative decision-making tool that expands the envelope of opportunities to reduce base operations, support, and infrastructure costs.

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Co-authored thesis. Author Vita pages are omitted.