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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Jack M. Kloeber, Jr. PhD


There exists great potential for applying operations research techniques to solve specific problems in the areas of operations, installation support, and training at the Army division level. Because of the operational tempo of today's active-duty and reserve component units, command must focus on accomplishing the daily missions. Also, due their limited knowledge of the field, planners may not be aware of how operations research can be used to enhance planning and operations. Time, training funds, resources, safety, personnel, and equipment are all critical factors in this process. Operations research techniques could be used to improve division-level operations by saving time, managing resources more efficiently, and helping leaders make sound decisions. This thesis research is designed to increase the awareness of how the use of operations research at the division level, can aid planners and decision-makers in solving real problems encountered on a daily basis, thus improving unit operations. By using Microsoft Excel, Visual Basic, and Microsoft Access, a software package was developed to assist division planners in solving problems encountered in such areas as transportation, risk management, fuel service, dining facilities, and shelf storage. Using the software package can result in division planners managing time and resources more effectively.

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