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Department of Mathematics and Statistics


Macroscale rate-limited sorption modeling was tested using a production transport code, the GMS/FEMWATER ground-water modeling package. The code (Version 1.1 of FEMWATER. dated 1 August 1995) was applied to a 3D conceptual model developed from a field site at Dover AFB, DE. A simulation was performed of a 200 hour contaminant injection pulse followed by clean water flushing. A moment analysis performed on the resulting breakthrough curve validated code self-consistency. Another injection pulse simulation showed that retardation temporally delays the breakthrough peak. Transport simulations of pulsed clean water pumping of the test cell with a prescribed initial contaminant distribution demonstrated both tailing and rebound without any additional microscale modeling. In comparison with both previous numerical solutions and the actual field data from the Dover AFB test site, FEMWATER has demonstrated high numerical dispersivity. For an initial contaminant distribution corresponding to the field data, the FEMWATER breakthrough curve was much flatter than the experimental result, failing to capture the plug-like elution of the field site.

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