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Master of Science in Systems Engineering

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Brent T. Langhals, PhD


Before entering a conflict or theater, USAF aircraft require updated mission data software reprogramming. Mission data controls all electronic warfare (EW) operations of the aircraft. EW operations include identifying and jamming radar operated systems, whether they are friendly or hostile. The process of reprogramming software is continuous and routinely updated for every EW system annually. On specific circumstances, the process can be expedited to months, but this puts a strain on the development team and shifts all attention to one specific mission data file. Unfortunately, a growing number of requests to upgrade mission data to a higher priority state, has created a backlog in the reprogramming process. The result is that now many requests are delayed or simply rejected. Successful reprogramming requires a mission data developer first categorize the radar emitter. This process involves matching all radar signal parameters to a known signal.

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