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Master of Science in Operations Research


Department of Operational Sciences

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Jeffrey D. Weir, PhD


The Air Force Sustainment Center collected 3.7 million contracts onto the Air Force Research Laboratory’s high power computers. They are in the format of a .pdf or scanned document, making them unstructured data. The Data Analytics Resource Team extracted the documents into a textual format for use in further analysis. This thesis looks to extract four DOD specific entities (NSN, Part Number, CAGE Code, and Supplier Name) from the contracts using custom NER models. This newly extracted information will allow the Air Force to identify what parts are supplied by which vendors. This information along with historical CLIN pricing for the vendor specific part number can give decision makers the ability to negotiate pricing based on historical data and competitor pricing. In addition to just pricing, part numbers can be aligned with maintenance data to make informed decisions on which vendor to go with by analyzing life cycle costs of a part.

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