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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Julie A. Jackson, PhD


Radar resource management is an important research topic in the radar community. Identifying the performance of a synthetic aperture radar image early into a data processing chain can improve intelligence collection mission performance. To achieve that goal, separate flags can be presented to a radar technician along a data processing chain to identify various errors within a data collection. Toward the end, this thesis analyzes he radar image processing chain and identifies data quality checks that could be implemented. The first quality check is to identify canonical targets and the necessary Nyquist-Shannon sampling requirements. Then, observations can be made to indicate errors in a data set. Specific errors that are introduced into data collections include loss of information, clutter, and motion measurement errors. Additional data quality checks are added to a data processing chain to identify errors induced in a data collection and determine a requirement to recollect.

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