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Master of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Department of Operational Sciences

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Seong-Jong Joo, PhD


The purpose of this study is to evaluate if logistics and economic factors affect how a country achieves its military power. Countries have focused on material factors such as nuclear weapons or massive military presence for far too long. What has not been discussed is, do other factors play a role in achieving military power. This study applied Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) and linear regression to a series of United States European Command (EUCOM) countries and the United States to understand how efficient each country was at achieving its military power. Additionally, the overall relationship between military power and each variable chosen in the study was examined. This research shows that countries are not efficient at achieving their current military power. Moreover, showing the relationship between the variables and military power provided what variables carried the most weight. Both results provided a way for countries to improve on efficiency and where to begin.

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