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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Matthew Vincie, PhD


This thesis investigates AlN alloyed with scandium in a variety of resonator architectures including WEM, overtone WEM, LEM, and SAW that have the potential to achieve high levels of electrical performance and environmental robustness. SAW resonators operating near 370 MHz are fabricated on polycrystalline Sc.37Al.63N, and AlN with the resulting devices compared and conclusions drawn as to the merits of each material. The design and fabrication of SAW devices is discussed in detail, with the operating characteristics of these resonators then tested both electrically and mechanically. Mechanical characterisation includes analysis of vibration and shock effects on the fabricated devices. The electrical characterisation in this work studies the electrical equivalent parameters of the resonators produced. A study is also made into the feasibility of resonant frequency tuning for ScXAl1-xN SAW resonators using DC bias voltages. The devices produced in this work show the future potential for ScXAl1-xN piezoelectric materials to produce MEMS resonators operating at high frequencies, with high resilience to shocks, external electric fields and vibrations

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