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Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering


Department of Engineering Physics

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Michael Shattan, PhD


Industries such as lithium-ion battery producers and the nuclear industry community seek to produce and store lithium in pure chemical forms. However, these lithium compounds are reactive with the atmosphere and quickly degrade into less desirable forms. Therefore, industry desires a fast and effective quality control approach to quantify the ingrowth of these secondary lithium chemical forms. This research presents a novel approach using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) and Raman spectroscopy in tandem to enhance lithium compound characterization beyond what is achieved by either technique alone. The resulting spectral data are aggregated using data fusion and analyzed using chemometrics for the first time. Additionally, LIBS and Raman spectra are analyzed individually using chemometrics and a comparison is made between the techniques individually and the fused data. It is determined the presence of lithium compounds is best characterized using fused LIBS-Raman data analyzed with partial least squares regression.

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