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Master of Science in Applied Physics


Department of Engineering Physics

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David Weeks, PhD


Quantum computers need to be able to control highly entangled quantum states in the presence of environmental perturbations that lead to errors in calculations. Progress in superconducting qubits has enabled the development of computers capable of running small quantum circuits. The current era of Noise Intermediate Scale Quantum computing has a high error rate. To alleviate this error rate we apply an encoding scheme that allows us to remove results with known errors improving the quality of our results. The encoding uses multiple qubits as a single logical qubit and balances the natural tendency of state-of-the-art quantum computers to decohere towards the ground state. We use amix of ones and zeroes in each logical qubit in such a way that we can identify and remove results that have violated our specified encoding pattern. The statistical performance of the circuits is improved by retaining the shots that maintained the encoding. Bit flip error detection is applied to the Toffoli gate and produces improved probability distribution functions as well as enhanced similarity measures when compared to its unencoded equivalent.

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