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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Christopher M. Chini, PhD


A secure water source is essential to the resiliency and readiness of military installations and contingency operation locations, especially those located in the dry climates the US military operates in today. There are multiple issues of concern when identifying water sources, such as security, cleanliness, accessibility, and sustainability. Water resources pose a potential vulnerability to mission readiness in a remote, agile environment, such as a forward operating base (FOB). Having a secure water resource helps facilitate mission readiness in the contingency environment, offering the opportunity to be more resilient and cost-effective. Current water treatment technologies present the possibility to perform direct water reuse to mitigate water needs. This research evaluates seven technologies for the prospect of greywater (wastewater without human waste) reuse in agile environments. While there is no perfect solution when using water reuse technologies, considering the cost, energy efficiency, and mobility of each technology helps determine which technology is the best fit for each situation. This research finds the Is allowing women to serve in combat arms ethical? Today all MOS' are open to females with the exception of five Infantry, Armor, Cannon Field Artillery, Short -Range Air Defense Artillery, and Special Forces. With the ongoing War on Terrorism the Department of the Army is again looking at the structure of its fighting force. Women became an increasingly important part of the Army after the creation of the all-volunteer force in 1973. Women proved that they are essential to the success of our military, during the Persian Gulf War, approximately 40,000 women served, representing seven percent of the total deployed force primarily best overall solutions for a FOB of up to 500 troops are either the U.F. membrane or AdvanTex AX Greywater system.

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