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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Steven J. Schuldt, PhD


The Armed Forces frequently deploy their personnel to expeditionary locations around the world. For example, the Air Force tasks its personnel to deploy based on a six-month rotational cycle. In the current tasking process, the deployment makes its way down from combatant commanders to squadron commanders through the chain of command. The commander then has a few days to select an individual from their unit to fill the tasking. The commander may consider an individuals’ dwell time, home-station position, and upcoming significant life events; however, because commanders have little time and information, minimum requirements selection criteria often become the driving force. Additionally, the commander must select an individual in isolation from other taskings, and the search space is restricted to one unit, leaving no opportunity to optimize the process. This thesis presents and evaluates a prototype decision-support system for the deployment tasking process of Air Force civil engineer officers. The prototype system extends beyond the minimum requirements selection criteria to optimize an officers professional qualifications and personal preference considerations across the entire enterprise while considering home-station manning constraints. Finally, this research uses past deployment tasking data to examine the feasibility of utilizing the decision-support system on the current tasking process.

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