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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Justin D. Delorit, PhD


AFIMSC completed an MDI modernization to support better risk-based decision-making by utilizing tactical mission-owner knowledge to quantify the relationship between facilities and the missions they enable. The resulting facility-mission risk scores leave room for improvement for better use of their intended purposes due to (1) the vulnerability of cognitive biases affecting survey responses due to the use of a traditional risk matrix (2) the lack of resolution between scores from risk ties and (3) the failure to include information from the operational and strategic organizational hierarchy level. This research addresses these concerns through the novel implementation of a fuzzy logic system that uses the existing assessment Interruptability and Replicability criteria. Fuzzy logic uses expert knowledge and logical rules, where insufficient data is present, to produce meaningful results more precise and reliable than traditional risk matrices. The Air Force, and other similar organizations, can use the proposed framework to quantify a facility's MDI, prioritize projects, and authorize limited facility sustainment, maintenance, and restoration resources.

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