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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Levi M. Thomas, PhD


Fundamental optical detonation study of detonations constricted to a 2-d plane propagation, and detonations propagating around a curve. All images were processed using modern image processing techniques. The optical techniques used were shadowgraph, Schlieren, and chemiluminescence. In the 2-Dstraight channels, it was determined wave stability was a factor of cell size. It was also determined the detonation wave thickness (area between the combustion and shockwave) was a factor of how much heat available for the detonation. For the detonations propagating around a curve, it was determined the three main classifications of wave stability were stable, unstable, and detonation wave restart. The detonation wave restart was classified as having a DDT event occur. A stability regime was created for hydrogen-air detonations with the ability to propagate across a curve, the channel possessed 4 or more cells, and stable waves preferred having smaller cells. Overall, it was determined wave stability was a factor of cell size.

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