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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Peter T. LaPuma, PhD


OSHA has proposed a new strontium chromate exposure standard that would potentially cause Air Force paint facilities to be in violation of the proposed standard if adopted. This proposed reduction make the continued use of chromate containing primer paints very difficult. There is currently no acceptable replacements for chromate containing primer paints on AF aircraft. This study suggests that paint particles with chromate bound in primer paint may be unavailable for bodily absorption if inhaled and a reduced standard for painting applications may be unnecessary. Primer paint overspray was collected into simulated lung fluid (SLF) and allowed 6 hr, 24 hr and 48 hr contact time in the SLF. At each residence time, particles were filtered out and the dissolved chromate concentrations were quantified. The fraction of chromate dissolved was them compared to the total chromate originally collected. The results of this experiment imply that residence time in SLF does not affect dissociation. Results of the dissociation of chromate in primer paint particles implies the chromate dissociation may be hindered.

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