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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Thomas C. Hartrum, PhD


Automated agent system synthesis is the process of generating code from a requirements specification with appropriate inputs from the software engineer. Object-oriented (OO) specifications are frequently used to model intelligent software agent systems and software requirements in general; formal representations capture precisely the intentions of the specifier. Portions of OO specifications can be classified as the structural, functional, and state (or dynamic) models; major strides have been taken in the development of transformations for creating code from formal OO specifications, specifically the structural and functional aspects, and are captured within the AFIT Wide-Spectrum Object Modeling Environment (AWSOME). This research creates a methodology for the automatic transformation of the dynamic model into structural and functional components which can then be exploited for the generation of executable code exactly reflecting the original intent of the requirements specification. The integration of agent communication protocols within this context is addressed, providing a methodology for the incorporation of various agent-to-agent and agent-to-human interaction schemes. Feasibility is demonstrated through the application of transformations to a formal requirements model within AWSOME resulting in executable code.

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