Rex W. Little

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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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David P. Biros, PhD


This study explores requirements for additional training Communications and Information officers. This research also looks at the best time to provide training/education in the identified training deficient areas. Training areas and categories were established by two previous theses and were modified by a group of field experts for this research. The following questions were posed in an effort to obtain the perception of officers in the field: (1) What training areas do Communications and information officers feel are deficient? (2) At what point during a Communications and Information officer's career would it be most appropriate to receive training in necessary areas? (3) What is the best way to incorporate additionally needed training into the existing training system? The results suggest that Air Force officers in this career field find the training to be satisfactory at best, with several training deficiencies in the multiple areas. The findings also show that officers would prefer to receive additional training either at the beginning of their career, or on a Just-in-Time/recurring basis. The results of this thesis show that improvements in training are necessary, and should emphasize both the beginning of an officer's career as well as Just-in-Time training that can be used "anytime/anywhere."

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