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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Timothy M. Jacobs, PhD


Today's military electronic infrastructure solves many problems while creating others. Using computers, battlefield and global awareness is brought to bear through the near real-time linking of sensor platforms from around the globe. These intelligence networks produce vast amounts of data that must be parsed, interpreted, digested and stored by information gathering systems. As the amount of intelligence data continues to increase, these text-based systems become cumbersome and inadequate. To ensure vital information is not overlooked or discovered too late, other forms of intelligence product management and data navigation need to be investigated. This thesis explores procedures for enhancing the capabilities of Project Broadsword, an intelligence data retrieval system, using three-dimensional data visualization. Employing a stand-alone representative environment, this research develops methods and techniques for overcoming problems encountered when visualizing large quantities of data. Textual handling through graphical triggers is also addressed. The results of this research demonstrate the effects of utilizing three- dimensional visual cues to organize, perceive, and navigate vast amounts of intelligence products and their associated metadata. Conclusions drawn from this research directly affect the next major release of the Project Broadsword system, currently under development.

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