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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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David P. Biros, PhD


The Air Force has instituted Barrier Reef to protect its networks. The Air Force medical community operates network connections that are incompatible with Barrier Reef. To overcome this problem, OASD(HA) directed the Tri-Service Management Program Office (TIMPO) to develop an architecture that protects all military health systems and allows them to link with all three services and outside partners. This research studied the underlying networking issues and formed a framework based on data from network experts from the Air Force's medical centers and their base network organizations. The findings were compared TIMPO and a composite framework was developed that more completely identifies network issues. TIMPO's plan seems on track. It addresses 13 of 19 identified issues and partially addresses three other issues. The TIMPO plan may be improved if the remaining issues are addressed. One issue is lack of central management for all military networks. Each Service and OASD(HA) has its own network controlling authority. No one organization directs the actions of all of them. Additional issues include social engineering, personnel continuity, and medical organization dependence on long-term contract partners. These issues have relevance for addressing potential network solutions for the Air Force medical community.

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