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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Michael Temple, PhD


This research aims to present accurate computer models of a communication link and a Super High Frequency (SHF) radio communication system. Network Warfare Simulation (NETWARS) is a J-6 initiative aimed at modeling all communication traffic in the Department of Defense (DoD) for testing and analysis of specific real world scenarios. The AN/TSC-94 is a SHF radio system with satellite communication capabilities. The AN/TSC-94 incorporates a Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) radio link for certain Anti-Jam (AJ) features. A DSSS spreads' signal power over a large bandwidth, reducing power previously concentrated within the original system bandwidth. The simulations were performed using OPNET. Simulation results show DSSS lowered Bit Error Rate (BER) over links not using spread spectrum. Results show that in the presence of multiple jamming forms, the DSSS link performed without bit errors while the normal (non-DSSS) link was disrupted by the jammer, experiencing BER's of up to 0.43. The AN/TSC-94 was able to defeat the jammer using the DSSS link. By performing in normal mode during unjammed scenarios, and switching to AJ mode in the presence of a hostile transmitter, the AN/TSC-94 demonstrated its ability to successfully communicate in multiple access and hostile environments.

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