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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Thomas C. Hartrum, PhD


Web-based technologies are evolving very rapidly. New technologies are introduced very frequently in the realm of the Web and Internet. This evolution also affects database management systems (DBMSs). Almost all DBMS vendors are making their systems "Web-enabled." The Internet and the World Wide Web are getting more important and bigger than ever. Because of the increase in the importance of the Internet and the Web, migrating old applications and tools to a web-based environment is becoming more important. When migrating old applications or tools to the web-based environment, integration of tools becomes an important issue. In this research, a step-by-step methodology for integrating tools in a web-based environment is created while trying to integrate two tools that are part of the AFIT education plan administration and course registration system. These two tools are CLASPICS (Computerized, Lightweight Assistant for Student Programme Identification and Course Selection) and Education Plan Checker tool. The methodology proved to be favorable for integrating tools in a web-based environment. In the results and conclusion part of the thesis some recommendations for improving the methodology and the Edplan administration and course registration system are given.

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