Cihangir Yay

Date of Award


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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

First Advisor

Stephen P. Chambal, PhD


This study, with support of the Aeronautical Systems center, builds a scientific decision support system intended for Air Combat Command. Past decision-making techniques are discussed and their limitations are explained. Two multiattribute decision-making techniques, analytical hierarch process and value focused thinking, are studied. Due to limitations of analytical hierarchy process, value focused thinking is accepted as the best fit for our problem. A value hierarchy model is developed using value focused thinking for selecting the most beneficiary F-16 engine modifications depending on Air Combat Command values. Ten modifications are ranked using value model to validate the process. Cost is involved in the rankings to show the benefit per dollar invested. Optimization techniques are used to form various effective modification sets due to changing budget constraints. Sensitivity analyses show that the model is weight sensitive. This study proves that multiattribute decision-making techniques and particularly value focused thinking approach can be used to create a scientific decision support system for Air Combat Command.

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