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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Marvin A. Arostegui, PhD


The Air Force currently spends approximately $ 10 million dollars annually on fuel support for the U-2 aircraft. The U-2 has used a jet fuel known as JPTS since the aircraft's development in the 1950's. JPTS is a specialty fuel used only by the U-2 and is produced by two oil refineries in the United States. As such, it has limited worldwide availability and costs over three times the per-gallon price of the Air Force's primary jet fuel, JP-8. Recent research performed at the Air Force Research Laboratory Propulsion Directorate suggests that additives could be added to JP-8, which would make it a suitable low-coast replacement for JPTS. The additive-enhanced fuel has come to be known as JP-8+100LT. This study analyzed two variables, logistics benefits and costs, and compared these variables for JPTS and JP-8+100LT to discover which one provides the most logistical benefits for the annual cost. The results of the analysis concluded that JP-8+100LT offers more benefits at significant cost savings.

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