Ryan J. Rueve

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

First Advisor

David Petrillo, PhD


Two problems the Aeronautical Systems Center's Acquisition Cost Division (ASC/FMC) is encountering with its Life Cycle Cost/Lean Process Initiative (LCC/LPI) efforts are (Marshall and Seibel. 2000): (1) a high proportion of inexperienced to experienced cost analysts which makes access to valuable expertise limited, and (2) knowledge loss due to turnover of experienced cost analysts. To address these problems, this thesis presents a four-step tailored methodology to identity tasks or processes important to the functioning of an organization, capture knowledge from experts pertaining to those tasks (generate content), convert that knowledge into a flowchart (organize content), and have experts critique the end product to ensure accuracy and usefulness (develop content). The methodology capitalizes on proven knowledge elicitation techniques for the generation of knowledge and a commercial-off-the-shelf software program, Microsoft© Excel, for the organization and representation of knowledge in the form of a flowchart. The methodology is demonstrated on the process of crosschecking cost estimates and resulted in the creation of a procedural guide. This guide contains a flowchart representing the experts' approach to crosschecks, and hyperlinks to detailed knowledge regarding each step that can he used to assist cost analysts when performing crosschecks.

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