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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Roger L. Claypoole, Jr., PhD


With the decline in military spending, the United States relies heavily on state side support. Communications has never been more important. High-quality audio and video capabilities are a must. Watermarking, traditionally used for copyright protection, is used in a new and exciting way. An efficient wavelet-based watermarking technique embeds audio information into a video signal. Several highly effective compression techniques are applied to compress the resulting audio/video signal in an embedded fashion. This wavelet-based compression algorithm incorporates bit plane coding, first difference coding, and Huffman coding. To demonstrate the potential of this audio embedding audio/video compression system, an audio signal is embedded into a video signal and the combined signal is compressed. Results show that overall compression rates of 15:1 can be achieved. The video signal is reconstructed with a median PSNR of nearly 33dB. Finally, the audio signal is extracted with out error.

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