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Master of Science


Department of Engineering Physics

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Devin J. Della-Rose, PhD


Future models of the thermosphere-ionosphere-magnetosphere system will require near real-time assimilation of ionospheric parameters to specify% and forecast these regions One of the current sensors that will be used in the GAIM model is the DMSP SSIES. Knowledge of the SSIES's reliability and data characteristics is key to using the data when relying on automated processes to ingest the data. To validate the DMSP value, the DMSP-measured density is compared to ground-based ISR measurements from solar minimum to solar maximum. The DMSP data are compared to data from the ISRs located at the Millstone Hill Observatory in Massachusetts and Sondrestrom in Greenland. The DMSP was found to measure densities 10 percent - 20 percent lower than Millstone Hill and 90 percent lower than Sondrestrom, however both were within the uncertainties of the ISR measurements. The DMSP data over Millstone Hill were analyzed for variability. After de trending the data, the variability was found to range from 0.2 percent in geomagnetically quiescent periods to over 20 percent during active periods.

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