Ian R. Hester

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Degree Name

Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

First Advisor

Marvin A. Arostegui, PhD


Air Force supply doctrine requires the management of large numbers of spare parts in Mobility Readiness Spares Packages (MRSPs). The MRSPs are designed to support deployed aircraft for the first 30 days of a conflict, and can be quite large. When units from several bases deploy to the same operating location, they each bring their full MRSP. This results in a large logistics footprint that may be reduced by taking a system-level approach. This thesis examined the impact of centralized MRSP management on kit size and cost. The Aircraft Sustainability Model (ASM) computer program was used to evaluate MRSPs for F-15C, C-17A, and B-52H aircraft deploying in both the traditional manner and with customized MRSPs from a centralized facility. The results of the ASM analysis indicate there is a significant cost and size savings when MRSPs are customized for the total number of aircraft deployed to a region of conflict. While the size of the savings varied between aircraft and flying hour profiles, MRSPs from the centralized facility always provided the same level of support for less cost. The results show the Air Force could release 5 are arts in MRSPs and relieve the current spares shortage without degrading unit readiness.

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