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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Peter J. Collins, PhD


Electrical conductors have long been the only materials available to antenna designers for reflecting structures. However, recently reported high impedance ground plane (HIGP) structures offer an alternative by creating image currents and reflections, within a limited frequency stop-band, that are in-phase with a source rather than out-of-phase as for a perfect electric conducting (PEC) surface. Also, the high impedance structures suppress surface waves while surface waves propagate on PEC surfaces. This research explores broadband antenna applications for HIGP structures. A broadband surface mount antenna is applied to both a homogeneous narrowband HIGP and a spatially varying broadband HIGP design. Measurements reveal the ground plane alters the fundamental radiating modes of the antenna and show high frequency regions of the ground plane short out low frequency energy in the antenna. Novel broadband integrated antenna/ground-plane structures are also introduced and analyzed. Basic high impedance elements are linked to form larger broadband antenna elements within the ground plane itself. The structure provides a passive-receive capability over a 9 to 1 bandwidth, is very light and thin, and offers straightforward flush-mounted integration on PEC surfaces.

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