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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Stephen M. Swartz, PhD


The Advanced Logistics Project (ALP) is a 5-year DARPA effort to investigate automated architectures to increase the efficiency of logistics support for deploying combat forces. The Mission-Resource Value Assessment Tool (M-R VAT) is a joint AFIT/AFRL adjunct processor to the ALP. The purpose of the M-R VAT is to select optimal force packages to meet the needs of theater commanders. This research supports the development of the M-R VAT's capability through the development of an airlift estimation function and validating equipment requirement rule-sets. This airlift estimation function will allow the M-R VAT optimization algorithms to constrain the selection of the optimal force package based upon the airlift estimator's output versus available airlift. The rule-sets are used in support of the M-R VAT Time Phased Force Deployment list generator. Justification of existing rule-sets for equipment determination will allow for their use in the M-R VAT existing software structure. This will give M-R VAT the capability to determine logistics needs for a given force package. Major findings include: (1) the determination of a useful 'best fit' function for aggregate lift requirements; and (2) validation and demonstration of the utility of a family of rule-sets fore equipment.

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