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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Michael T. Rehg, PhD


Activated June 1,1998, Space and Missile Systems Center Detachment 11, located in Colorado Springs, integrates system support management for the Satellite Launch Control System (SLCS), MlLSTAR, the Defense Meteorological Support Program (DMSP), the Space Based Infrared System (SBlRSl, and the Global Positioning System (GPS). The Detachment performs operational software maintenance, satellite systems engineering, space testing and evaluation, and technology master planning. Contemporary management theory asserts that the appropriate match of strategy and structure determines an organization's level of performance. The Detachment is currently organized programmatically. The current programmatic organizational structure represents the physical manifestation of the Integrated Weapon System Management (lWSMl strategy and facilitates the vertical integration of all processes necessary to field, deploy, and maintain weapon/space systems. The rigid implementation of this strategy and the resulting structure impedes horizontal integration of similar processes and equipment across the various programs. However, the charter of the Detachment is to provide central integrated support for space systems capitalizing on opportunities for horizontal integration. This study finds that the macro-strategy of Air Force Materiel Command may create friction with the Detachment's micro-strategy of providing central integrated support for space systems.

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