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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Stephen M. Swartz, PhD


Selection of combat aircraft during crisis action planning can be of critical importance. In determining the value of force mixes, it is proposed that one can evaluate extrinsic and intrinsic value separately. Intrinsic value is the designed capability of a weapons platform to accomplish a specified aerospace mission. Extrinsic value is the expected appropriateness of such platforms, given the environmental characteristics in which they must operate. This research develops a decision support tool for planners in determining the extrinsic value of force mixes, which then expedites the selection of best overall force mixes. The research included: content analysis of official guidance, Critical Decision Methodology interviews, a Delphi study (to define and quantify the factors, and establish a hierarchy and global weights), generation of the Value Focused Thinking decision tool, and establishment of an appropriate relationship between extrinsic and intrinsic value. This research provides planners-throughout the USAF-with a decision support tool that objectively compares alternative force packages for specific deployments. This represents a first step toward codifying or formalizing the art of force selection. These results will help reduce the crisis action response timeline, and should lead to more accurate modeling of force mix applicability.

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