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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Alan R. Heminger, PhD


The Air Force's dependence on the Internet continues to increase daily. However, this increased dependence comes with risks. The popularity and potential of the Internet attracts users with illegal as well as legal intentions. Since the Air Force considers the Internet an integral component of its information Operations strategy, the Air Force must be confident that it can trust the security of this component. Therefore, reliable methods and information that helps the Air Force classify the risks associated with the Internet can help the Air Force determine the best processes to assure the security of its use of this resource. This thesis examines the computer and network attack taxonomy developed by John Howard. The taxonomy is a possible method that the Air Force can use to help it classify Internet security attacks and incidents. This researcher concluded that the computer and network attack taxonomies were satisfactory. The questionnaire respondents appeared to prefer the 1998 version more. This researcher also concluded that organizations responsible for the collection and distribution of Internet Security information, do explicitly collect some, not all, information useful as input into the taxonomy.

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