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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Heidi S. Brothers, PhD


The primary contingency engineering capability within the United States Air Force is provided by Rapid Engineer Deployable, Heavy Operations Readiness Squadron, Engineer (RED HORSE). This thesis examines the macroscopic organizational structure of RED HORSE; that is, the manner in which RED HORSE resources (personnel and equipment) are organized collectively, above the unit (squadron or flight) level. It builds on the findings of the Air Combat Command - sponsored RED HORSE 2010 Strategic Study, and focuses on issues of geographic location and chain of command above the unit level, as the study found these two topics were found to be vital to the accomplishment of the RED HORSE mission. Working in direct cooperation with ACC, this research uses value focused thinking and multi-attribute preference theory to create a hierarchical structure depicting the goals and objectives of a qualified decision maker (ACC/CEX). The research effort generated and evaluated 20 alternatives. The decision analysis model recommends an optimal macroscopic organizational structure whereby RED HORSE units are assigned to different theater commands as the most preferred alternative. Extensive sensitivity analysis showed that the model is very reactive to changes in objective and evaluation measure weights, indicating that further research is required.

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