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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Timothy M. Jacobs, PhD


The complexity of modern tasks is rising along with the level of technology. Two techniques commonly used to deal with complexity are collaboration and information visualization. Recently, computer networks have arisen as a powerful means of collaboration, and many new technologies are being developed to better utilize them. Among the newer, more promising of these technologies is Sun Microsystems' JavaSpaces ™, a high-level network programming API. This thesis describes a tool for developing collaborative visualization software using JavaSpaces-an application framework and accompanying toolkit. In addition to a detailed description of the framework, the thesis also describes an application implemented using the framework, discusses the benefits of development under the framework, evaluates the performance of JavaSpaces in the context of the framework, and addresses the issue of network bandwidth limitations, which are a concern when developing visualizations that deal with large data sets.

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