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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Alan R. Heminger, PhD


Air Force resources are being committed to fund, implement, and support organizational knowledge management initiatives without any overarching Air Force Knowledge Vision or Knowledge Strategy to guide these efforts. The purpose of this research is to provide a framework model and framework implementation process that can be used to guide the identification, selection, and eventual implementation of Air Force knowledge management projects. An initial Literature Review was conducted and the findings were used to develop a framework model to guide the identification and selection of appropriate knowledge management initiatives that are consistent with organizational strategy and strategic objectives. Next, a Delphi study was conducted to evaluate the proposed framework and associated framework implementation methodology using four criteria: completeness, comprehensiveness, accuracy, and usefulness. The Delphi committee consisted of representatives from the Department of Defense, Army, Navy, Air Force, and National Defense University. The findings of the Delphi committee support the use of the proposed framework model as an appropriate method for guiding the identification and selection of knowledge management initiatives within the Air Force that are focused on supporting Air Force Strategy and Strategic Objectives.

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