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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Marvin A. Arostegui, PhD


Air Force supply officers possess a unique body of knowledge. This unique body of supply officer knowledge is an Air Force intellectual asset. The value of these intellectual assets depends on the value created by the application of the organization's knowledge and the value his knowledge creates. This thesis establishes a process for measuring the value created by unique supply officer knowledge. The first step in the methodology is to identify mandatory supply knowledge. This was accomplished through review of Air Force guidance and se of a knowledge audit questionnaire. The knowledge audit provides a means for assessing what knowledge is needed or contained within an organization. The knowledge audit conducted as part of this research effort resulted in the development of 11 mandatory supply knowledge categories consisting of 49 sub-categories. The second phase of the methodology requires the identification of unique supply officer knowledge. The identification of unique supply officer knowledge is necessary so that the contributions, or value, of the knowledge to the accomplishment of the Air Force mission can be determined. This research concludes with the development and testing of a survey instrument for use in identifying unique supply officer knowledge.

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