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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Darryl Ahner, PhD


A long-duration logistical wargame simulation tool that can provide quick insights into the daily aircraft availability and the daily number of missions accomplished for a variety of operational scenarios is developed. This simulation tool is designed to be a stepwise wargaming support tool for adjudication within long-duration logistical wargames and provides the user many capabilities including, but not limited to, the ability to have multiple bases and types of aircraft. Additionally, the user has the ability to control types of part failures, control parts availability, control maintenance capabilities, and control number of mission scheduled. Finally, the user can account for the possibility of attrition along with the effects of numerous major events present in real-life scenarios. Validation of the tool is achieved through application of a space covering design along with regression modeling and shows that the tool is well-behaved, functions as expected, and can quickly provide meaningful insights into operational scenarios. A utilization rate method is explored that informs the allowable inputs that result in stable long term behavior within the model. An analysis of a variety of operational scenarios demonstrates the effectiveness and usefulness of this tool. Future developments are proposed that can expand the functionality and usefulness of this simulation tool.

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