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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Stephen P. Chambal, PhD


The Air Force's ability to deploy, employ, and sustain operations in forward locations is a key to mission success. An integral part of this strategy is equipment pre-positioning, to include: vehicles, aircraft support, consumable inventory, and munitions. This research focuses on defining and developing a model to aid decision makers with the afloat pre-positioning and deployment of munitions in an effort to ensure that the right weapons are available when, and where needed. This research places a particular focus on the strategic, global pre-positioning of the Afloat Pre-positioning Fleet (APF) in an effort to minimize the overall response time involved with offloading these ships and transporting their cargo to the intended point of use. The model developed in this study is a mixed integer program that was implemented using the General Algebraic Modeling System (GAMS). The model considers the various aspects of pre-positioning (forward operating locations, Standard Air Munitions Packages, and the APF) in order to optimally locate and configure each APF ship. The methodology for this model was tested and verified using precision-guided munitions data for a number of scenarios.

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