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Master of Science


Department of Engineering Physics

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Vincent J. Jodoin, PhD


A parameter study was conducted for a space nuclear reactor radiation shield. The focus of this research was to explore alternatives to current radiation shield designs to reduce the mass while maintaining the same shielding performance. MCNP4C was used to determine the parameters necessary to build an optimum shield. A design known as the split scatter shield offered some potential for reductions in shield mass. In theory, less material is required for this type of shield, which uses thin shield sections to scatter radiation away from the dose plane. The parameters for this shield design are the shield geometry, number of shield sections, and material selection. Split scatter shielding offers a potential for reducing the shield mass by allowing the gamma shield material to be moved closer to the source plane. Further research needs to be conducted on this shielding technique, however, to isolate optimum shield values. Once these optima have been identified, a split shield can be developed and compared to the original shield performance. Finally, an energy deposition study indicates that the split scatter shield will absorb less energy than the unit shield, implying that there may be less thermal stress on a scatter shield.

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