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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Meir Pachter, PhD.


The objective of this work is to develop an alternative INS aiding source other than the GPS, while preserving the autonomy of the integrated navigation system. It is proposed to develop a modernized method of aerial navigation using driftmeter measurements from an E/O system for ground feature tracking, and an independent altitude sensor in conjunction with the INS. The pilot will track a ground feature with the E/O system, while the aircraft is on autopilot holding constant airspeed, altitude, and heading during an INS aiding session. The ground feature measurements from the E/O system and the INS output form measurements provided to a linear KF running on the navigation computer to accomplish the INS aiding action. Aiding the INS will be periodically repeated as operationally permissible under pilot discretion. Little to no modeling error will be present when implementing the linear Kalman filter, indicating the strength of the INS aiding action will be exclusively determined by the prevailing degree of observability.

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