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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Stephen M. Swartz, PhD


In order to handle its obligations, the Brazilian Ministry of Defense (MoD) will need an information system capable of managing logistics information from all military services. A project to develop an integrated information system to fit the requirements of different, but connected, organizations has inherent challenges. Differences in the organizational structures, cultures and political aspects, are key issues to be observed before the development to assure the project's success. The same is applicable when trying to adapt an already existing information system to fill the needs of another organization. In the new organization, it is mandatory to assess the feasibility of the software's alternatives available. Alternatives can be to adapt an existing information system or to develop a completely new system. This research sought to develop a method for assessing the organizational, cultural, and political considerations affecting the insertion of the Integrated Logistics Information System (SILOMS), developed by the Brazilian Air Force, into the MoD. The research develops a method for assisting decision makers in assessing the risks involved in the implementation of an information system in the MoD.

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