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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Stephen M. Swartz, PhD


In an era of decreasing defense budgets in Korea, the Korean Air Force Transportation Department has suffered from an insufficient vehicles procurement budget, resulting in fewer vehicles of increasing age, as well as decreasing military morale. For these reasons, the Korean Air Force Transportation Department needs a breakthrough to retain the transportation ability to support the field of operation in an effective and economic way. However, the Korea Air Force Transportation Department has only one method for procuring general-purpose vehicles, which is purchasing. Thus, the comparative analysis of leasing versus buying vehicle study started from the recognition of this situation in which ROKAF needs an efficient and effective vehicle procurement method. The purpose of this research is not to emphasize the leasing method, but to provide better ideas to make decisions to procure Air Force general-purpose vehicles economically, and effectively. Another consideration in this research is to develop a method for evaluating the cost-benefit of leasing versus buying vehicles, which has been used in buying versus leasing decision. This research analyzed two variables, logistics benefits and costs, and compared these variables for leasing and buying options to discover which one provides the most logistical benefits for the life cycle cost. The results of the analysis concluded that buying offers more benefits at significant cost savings.

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