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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Alan R. Heminger, PhD


Over the past decade, a considerable amount of attention has been given to federal legislation in making the federal government operate more efficiently and effectively by concentrating on Information Resource Management and Information Technology. In 1996, the Clinger-Cohen Act (CCA) was passed, creating the role of Chief Information Officer (CIO) in each agency of the Federal Government. This study assesses the impacts of the CCA on the USAF, with an emphasis on the Federal CIO Council Core Competencies. Given that this law and supporting policies have been in place for nearly six year, it would be valuable to assess USAF compliance with CCA as well as its impact on the USAF. It is intended that the information gathered may help the USAF to be a better steward of the nation’s critical information and financial resources, and to better provide critical information capabilities to the warfighter, thus ensuring information superiority over our nation’s adversaries. Findings of this survey provide evidence that the USAF is in compliance with the CCA, and identifies impacts of the CCA on the USAF. Among these impacts are: IRM responsiveness has contributed to mission accomplishment, strategic planning includes information as well as IT, Technology has improved efficiency, Baseline performance measures are more realistic, Alignment of organizational structure improves critical services, and Standardization of policy and processes optimizes IT resources.

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