Chirp Reduction in Non-Isolated Quantum-Well Semiconductor Lasers Under Optical Injection

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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Michael C. Pochet, PhD


This research studies the impact of stable optical injection locking on directly modulated, distributed feedback semiconductor lasers operating under digital communications conditions. Optical spectra and eye diagrams are generated and analyzed under three major slave-laser operating conditions: a packaged slave laser biased at 20/25 mA, a packaged slave laser biased at 5 mA, and an unpackaged test laser biased at 20 mA. MatLab code is developed to measure and analyze eye diagram data and optical spectra, extracting jitter measurements and amplitude characteristics. The results show optimal injection strengths for a 25 mA biased packaged slave laser under three detuning scenarios: zero detuning, 25 GHz negative detuning and 10 GHz positive detuning. The packaged slave laser biased at 5 mA demonstrates potential improvements to signal amplitude characteristics with minimal trade-offs in jitter for a threshold biased system. Results from the unpackaged test laser show improvements to system modulation limits, with the optically injection locked system operating at modulation rates more than 50% greater than free running system limits.

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