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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Roger L. Claypool, Jr., PhD


The most recent research involved registering images in the presence of translations and rotations using one iteration of the redundant discrete wavelet transform. We extend this work by creating a new multiscale transform to register two images with translation or rotation differences, independent of scale differences between the images. Our two-dimensional multiscale transform uses an innovative combination of lowpass filtering and the continuous wavelet transform to mimic the two-dimensional redundant discrete wavelet transform. This allows us to obtain multiple subbands at various scales while maintaining the desirable properties of the redundant discrete wavelet transform. Whereas the discrete wavelet transform produces results only at dyadic scales, our new multiscale transform produces data at all integer scales. This added flexibility improves registration accuracy without greatly increasing computational complexity and permits accurate registration even in the presence of scale differences.

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